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The New Romantics

Richard Marranca - The New RomanticsRichard is pleased to announce the release of his latest book, The New Romantics: Ten Stories of Mystery, Passion, Travel and Vampires.

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Life Coaching

• This is a powerful, integrated system that helps you find the best path to accomplish your goals.

Life Coaching sharpens your goals/visions in order to create an action plan; the purpose is to find success, happiness and the good life. It helps you empower your deepest insights and wisdom. It’s a very Socratic approach joined with positive psychology, self effort and the wisdom of the East. It fosters positive change in your life. My specialties are health & wellness, education, business creation, relationships, travel and spiritual renewal; but I can assist in other areas.

Guinevere Shaw"A natural talent, Richard used proven life coaching techniques that not only helped me focus my goals, but he advised me in tangible, action-ready steps to take in order to achieve my goals. With his knowledge, encouragement, and true talent, I retuned my resume - and quickly received several interviews. I also received a prestigious government grant (National Endowment for the Humanties) under his tutelage. Richard not only gets the job done, he's a fantastic support to have in life." —Guinevere Shaw, college teacher and writer, MA, Seton Hall University
Susan Mugalu"Dr. Marranca, I couldn't have done it without you. You were there each step of the way. Thank you for your kindness, motivation, patience and being that person you are. Your motivation made me look forward to the brighter side of tomorrow. I appreciate every grain of help you rendered me the whole semester. When I needed help, your quick responses showed that you care! You have really set my feet on a solid ground. From the very bottom of my heart, Thank You so much indeed! I learned a lot from you! Have a wonderful summer." —Susan Mugalu

Educational Consulting

• This service focuses on planning and admissions to the school/s of your choice: choosing the best path, finding schools, admissions, preparation for interviews, choosing classes and majors and any follow-up. I can help with undergraduate and graduate education and all sorts of private schools and certification programs. The basic idea here is to ensure a successful path from start to finish. If you make good decisions in the beginning, the outcome is generally better.

Mahbuba Nuralieva"Richard helped me edit my entrance essay and encouraged me to apply to many top notch MBA programs. He has taught me a lot about writing style and substance (adding colorful examples and being factual, clear and interesting). I've been accepted to the MBA program at Montclair State University. I'm thrilled about this and looking forward to the program and a career in a major corporation afterwards. He has a very warm and encouraging approach."—Mahbuba Nuralieva


Classical Yoga, Meditation, Health and Wellness (stress reduction, nutrition, diet/veg diet), writing and editing, and creativity.

• These are either half-day or whole day seminars, or longer. (I also have associates in these areas, who are available for short and long-term seminars and classes.)


Books & Articles

The New Romantics
The New Romantics: Ten Stories of Mystery, Passion, Travel and Vampires. E-book available from Amazon.
Dragon Cafe
Dragon Café: An East-West Collection (essays). E-book available from Amazon.
New York Interviews
New York Interviews: First Thoughts (interviews). Also available from Amazon.
Alexander the Great in India
Alexander the Great in India: Sunburst Upanishad (novel about Alexander in India, inspired from Indian Classics, Arrian and Plutarch). Available from Amazon.
Dragon Sutra
Dragon Sutra, a novel about a teacher exploring Southeast Asia who gets involved with Cambodia’s dangerous past and Burma’s dangerous present, includes his friendship with a Cambodian woman and monks. Avaiblable at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.
I also regularly publish essays, fiction, poetry and interviews in journals such as Thammasat Review, Light of Consciousness, Shambhala Sun, Yoga International, The Literary Review, The Paterson Literary Review, Sufi, etc. And I have interviews in these books: The Way Things Are, The World’s Religions 50th Anniversary Edition by Huston Smith, The Muse Upon My Shoulder and Conversations with E. L. Doctorow.

Who is Richard Marranca?

Richard Marranca, Doctor of Arts, has Life Coach Certification from Fowler Wainwright International, Yoga & Meditation Certification from Center for Transpersonal Studies, and a Doctor of Arts Degree from the Steinhardt School of Education of New York University (creativity & general humanities). In addition, he has studied at Integral Yoga NYC, Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley, California, Sivananda in Munich, KTD Monastery in Woodstock, Omega Institute in NYC, the Open Center in NYC, C.G. Jung Foundation in NYC, Wat Mahathat in Bangkok, and elsewhere.

Richard on Thai PBS, June 2017.
Trip to Cambodia, July 2011.

He is Past President of the New Jersey Fulbright Association and presently a Trustee of New Jersey College English Association.

He has taught the humanities at NYU, Rutgers University, the New School, Montclair State, TMCC/University of Nevada Reno, Seton Hall University and elsewhere. He has been awarded a Fulbright to teach at the University of Munich (2002-2003), as well as five National Endowments for the Humanities summer seminars – the last two being Transcendentalism in Concord and WWII history at the East-West Center in Honolulu. He enjoys running and hiking, tennis, travel, movies and museums & the study of world religions. Since his teenage years, he has followed an environmental and compassionate path. On his to do list include working on an archaeology dig, volunteering at Gombe Chimp Reserve in Tanzania, teaching at a university in Asia and running a marathon.

He is available for Life Coaching; Educational Consulting; and Seminars on Yoga, Meditation / Mindfulness, Creativity, Health and Wellness (including stress reduction, nutrition, vegetarian diet), and Writing and Editing.

Richard can be reached through his online contact form or by phone at (908) 290-4311. He lives in New Jersey (20 miles from New York City), but is pleased to travel if time permits. He has traveled extensively in Europe, Latin America, North America, the Middle East and Asia.


"Not life, but good life, is to be chiefly valued." — Socrates

If you're looking for pathways to a more fulfilling life, then I invite you to stay in touch with me.
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